This is a story based on real events and perceptions. Memories have their own story to tell and are not perfect.

Everyone mentioned in this book is actual individuals whose names have been changed to respect privacy. There are no made-up characters. The individual named Cooper is a combination of multiple people. Even though the name is the same, the experiences are from different situations. 

The stories and journal entries are not in any particular order. They are used in a way that supports the topic of the chapter. 

This book was not intended to hurt anyone. I regret any unintentional harm resulting from the publishing and marketing of “Being ‘THAT’ Happy.”

This book details personal experiences with and opinions about marriage, parenting, and mental health. I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, social worker, or counselor. Before acting on any of my recommendations, I suggest consulting with a physician or other Medical and Mental Health Provider.


If you need help, contact the National Center of Domestic and Sexual Violence. www.ncdsv.org